About Crochetmania

About Crochetmania

About Crochetmania

Dear Crochet enthusiast,

Thank you for being here.

Crochet has been part of my childhood memories having seen precious handcrafts adding their artistic signature in grandma’s home and it also had the element of mystery as I was watching traditionally dressed in dark clothes old ladies, doing some repetitive magic movements with their hands producing fine white lace.

My first true encounter with crochet though, came at the age of 26 and ever since my love for it has grown.

Initially I created doilies and a round table spread -which I finally used as my bed head’s spread- with peacocks.  Gradually, as I was getting more confident with this craft, I upgraded my creations into dresses and tops.

What keeps facinating me with crochet apart from the unlimited creative routes it can lead to, is the sense of calmness and focus into my inner world, while my fingers are holding the hook adding stitches.

This should be considered a very sophisticated type of meditation that can really heal and transform you. made its first appearance when I registered the domain back in August 2004.

For years, the site didn’t get the love and attention I wanted to give it but I was holding a promise in my heart to make it the absolute point of reference for crochet-enthusiasts from all over the world some day.

This day has now come and  here is the new where you can learn how to crochet, shop precious handcrafts made just for you or list your handcrafts and have them sold to site’s visitors.

Soon you’ll be able to install Crochetmania MOBILE APP to your smartphone or tablet and you’ll be receiving Push Notifications with new intriguing  suggestions and ideas.

You’re invited to a  journey of beauty and artistic creation with crochet.

Kind Regards,

Sofia Stavropoulou 

( Creator)


23rd of September 2018

Athens, GREECE