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She’s aware of her allure and her outfits express her personal style.

Elaborate masterpiece with extremely feminine design, highlighting body’s curves and slimming the silhouette with its low back.

A definite head-turner that can be part of your vacations wardrobe or even your daily lounge-moments at home.

What is dress's material?

  100% cotton yarn

Available colors?

  white, black and navy blue

How can I find my size?

Please use the table below to find your size. Adding your Bust, Waist and Hips measurements on a note during payment via PayPal is recommended. If you have any questions or need clarifications, email us at

How long will creation time be?

40 working days

What is the delivery time?

3-25 Working Days depending on your location

How much does it cost?

Afrodite dress costs


Shipping is FREE worldwide. VAT is included wherever applicable.

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